Data Hidden in Photos

-Eyad Salloum, Technology Committee Chair In one of the GLAR Board Meetings, we talked about pictures in the MLS and the privacy of them and if they are copy written or not. We also talked about the information that is collected when taking a picture with a digital camera, such as your smart phone. I decided to research digital photography in more depth and here is what I have to say about it. When you hire a professional real estate photographer to shoot your listings, you may not realize that the photo files you receive contain a lot more than [...]

Data Hidden in Photos2022-08-11T15:44:06-05:00

Smart Phones Safety Tips

-Eyad Salloum, Technology Committee Chair In today's age of technology, most real estate business is now conducted through your mobile computer--your smartphone, tablets, or iPads. This also means you are vulnerable to digital theft if you do not have the right precautions in place. Here are nine tips to make sure your personal and financial information is locked down: 1. The first thing you do when you get a new mobile phone is set up your lock screen. This is not a step you want to bypass! This simple measure of security protects you from others who may have access [...]

Smart Phones Safety Tips2022-06-22T15:22:02-05:00
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